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The collection of colors listed below are readily available at Sherwin Williams® paint stores and come from their VinylSafe® color palette or have an LRV above 55. When these colors are produced in an exterior 100% acrylic latex paint, they meet AZEK’s painting guidelines to help ensure the best overall product performance. 


Each color below lists the specific manufacturer color name, number and LRV rating. Be sure to use this exact information when selecting your final color choice. IMPORTANT: Do not adjust or customize colors!


AZEK recommends the use of the below exterior 100% acrylic latex paints from Sherwin Williams:

  • Emerald® Exterior Acrylic Latex
  • Duration® Exterior Acrylic Latex
  • Resilience® Exterior Acrylic Latex


Before making your final color choice we recommend you view an actual paint sample or color swatch which are available by visiting a local paint store or by ordering online.

If you want to use a color not shown below you must ensure it has an LRV of 55 and above, and it must be produced in an exterior 100% acrylic latex paint. If the color is not on this page and has a LRV below 55 or you do not know the LRV it should not be used on AZEK products.

Recommended Color Lists

The below links showcase recommended colors per paint manufacturer to help you find the right color for your next project.

Custom Colors should only be used if they are made from a specialty paint with solar reflective pigments.

Color Disclaimer: Colors may not be exactly as shown. This is due to the variance in digital presentation and individual monitor calibration. Please base your color selections on actual paint color samples or color swatches provided by manufacturers before making your final decision.

If you still have questions about what paints should be used on AZEK Trim and Siding products, please contact us at

Milky Way SWVS301 LRV: 58.1
Sediment SWVS302 LRV: 39.3
Vintage Lace SWVS303 LRV: 58.1
Frilly SWVS304 LRV: 62.3
Rodeo SWVS307 LRV: 21.3
Distinct Taupe SWVS308 LRV: 37.8
Bleached Clay SWVS309 LRV: 50.2
Grindle SWVS313 LRV: 41.7
Caramel Apple SWVS314 LRV: 23.0
Cake Mix SWVS315 LRV: 63.7
Soho SWVS316 LRV: 23.0
Harmony SWVS317 LRV: 39.5
Guesswork SWVS318 LRV: 23.9
Bittersweet SWVS321 LRV: 15.2
Hippo SWVS323 LRV: 23.6
Big Bear SWVS324 LRV: 15.1
Mushroom Cap SWVS325 LRV: 43.2
Red Night SWVS326 LRV: 16.3
Crazed Beige SWVS327 LRV: 47.5
Boomerang SWVS328 LRV: 15.6
Mud Slide SWVS329 LRV: 25.0
Autumn Leaf SWVS330 LRV: 31.9
Humpback SWVS333 LRV: 37.9
Neutrality SWVS335 LRV: 58.6
Rolling Stone SWVS337 LRV: 15.1
Gray Squirrel SWVS338 LRV: 21.6
Rustle SWVS339 LRV: 22.5
Bread Pudding SWVS341 LRV: 37.1
Snicker SWVS344 LRV: 15.9
Warm Tone SWVS345 LRV: 38.8
Touch Of Cream SWVS346 LRV: 81.1
Wafer SWVS347 LRV: 62.8
Thimble SWVS349 LRV: 39.6
Travel Gear SWVS350 LRV: 24.2
Tortilla SWVS351 LRV: 74.4
Llama SWVS352 LRV: 50.8
Cotton Sheets SWVS353 LRV: 74.3
Aggregate SWVS355 LRV: 17.0
Pine Nuts SWVS356 LRV: 60.8
Case in Point SWVS357 LRV: 42.3
Live Rock SWVS358 LRV: 33.4
Soft Meadow SWVS360 LRV: 41.9
Horseback SWVS361 LRV: 49.8
Ground Hog SWVS362 LRV: 23.1
Wool Sweater SWVS365 LRV: 24.6
Equestrian SWVS366 LRV: 18.8
Tow Path SWVS367 LRV: 15.5
Speechless SWVS368 LRV: 45.6
Shaded Gray SWVS369 LRV: 61.0
Reptile SWVS370 LRV: 15.4
Lasso SWVS371 LRV: 42.5
Tactile SWVS373 LRV: 38.2
Gray Fleece SWVS374 LRV: 47.6
Dusted SWVS375 LRV: 49.5
Hopscotch SWVS376 LRV: 32.6
Pebble-Das SWVS378 LRV: 21.5
Down Load SWVS379 LRV: 39.7
Serpent SWVS380 LRV: 30.4
Trail Mix SWVS381 LRV: 24.8
Savvy Tan SWVS382 LRV: 27.7
Foot Print SWVS383 LRV: 21.6
Smoke Screen SWVS385 LRV: 27.3
Tea Stain SWVS387 LRV: 17.2
Box of Nails SWVS390 LRV: 18.7
Sea Frost SWVS391 LRV: 41.8
Nikko Blue SWVS393 LRV: 39.1
Green Porcelain SWVS396 LRV: 22.4
Back Yard SWVS397 LRV: 37.4
Tear Drop SWVS399 LRV: 75.7
Facet SWVS400 LRV: 39.0
Tee Off SWVS402 LRV: 24.1
Steam Ship SWVS404 LRV: 41.8
Stock Pot SWVS405 LRV: 21.9
Clean Line SWVS406 LRV: 40.7
Hedgerow SWVS407 LRV: 15.7
Moon Walk SWVS409 LRV: 38.4
Ornamental Grass SWVS411 LRV: 21.9
Heaven Sake SWVS414 LRV: 42.8
Foster SWVS415 LRV: 50.5
Homeland SWVS416 LRV: 22.0
Teal Taffeta SWVS417 LRV: 26.8
Stone Cold SWVS418 LRV: 24.2
Gray October SWVS419 LRV: 21.3
Weeping SWVS424 LRV: 53.1
Smudge SWVS425 LRV: 23.4
Infusion SWVS426 LRV: 21.9
Prime Time SWVS429 LRV: 24.3
Silverpalm SWVS430 LRV: 60.1
Flat Screen SWVS431 LRV: 16.3
Winter Months SWVS433 LRV: 40.8

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can I only use certain Paints?

The paint color used on exterior building products is directly exposed to the sun. Light that is absorbed by the paint color converts to heat. When too much heat is absorbed, it can alter the actual physical building material in the form of warping, bowing and deformation. The correct selection of paint color will prevent this. The use of a color that does not meet AZEK paint color recommendations can lead to warping, buckling and excess movement. The use of a non-recommended color will.

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Can we use custom paint colors on Azek products?

When a custom color is desired, you must use a specialty type paint that is a Water-Based Solar Reflective Coating. These paint have been formulated with solar/heat reflective pigments that prevent heat build. These coatings are not readily available at paint retail stores but are available online through paint manufacture AquaSurTech® and can be ordered online. This is specific to the AquaSurTech product AQUA/DIY D100.

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What is the Light Reflective Value of a color?

All paint colors have a light reflective value (LRV) which is the measure of light reflected or alternatively absorbed. The LRV number represents the % of light reflected by that paint color. The higher the LRV number, the more light reflected. The lower the LRV number, the more light and heat absorbed. To help understand the scale, true white has a LRV rating of 100 and Black has LRV rating of 0.

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