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AZEK Trim Products

AZEK® J-Channel Trim Series

The Next Level Of Aesthetics

Add a new level of aesthetics from the most trusted name in Trim and Moulding products. The AZEK J-Channel Trim Series beautifully complements any style of siding for a fresh, clean finished look that’s easy to install. AZEK J-Casing and J-Quick Corners were expressly designed to complement premium vinyl siding. Provide a seamless transition between siding and trim that’s durable, protected and flexible.


AZEK J-Casing

A product image of rusting and damage on a window moulding.


Common casing applications are not a visual complement to siding and require the purchase of another j-channel, adding more installation time and costs for painting.

A product image of a properly installed j-casing window moulding.


AZEK J-Casing has an integrated j-channel and doesn’t require paint for protection, reducing installation time and cost. AZEK J-Casing elegantly complements its surroundings in a beautiful semimatte white color with a smooth Traditional finish.

AZEK J-Quick Corner

Example image of non-AZEK product that shows how are extra parts are needed to install corners.


Common corner applications involve complicated installation requiring combining two pieces of trim to form the corner. Most corners also require installation and painting of an additional j-channel.

Refrence image of non-AZEK trim product that shows how are extra parts are needed to install at corners.


AZEK J-Quick Corner is a one-piece cornerboard with an integrated j-channel to simplify installation and reduce costs. AZEK J-Quick Corner doesn’t require paint and installs with hidden fasteners, leaving corners with a smooth, secure surface. Elegant and versatile, AZEK J-Quick Corner complements multiple types of siding with its beautiful semimatte white color and smooth Traditional finish.