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When painting AZEK Siding and Trim, choosing the right paint type and color will ensure a truly low maintenance, long-lasting painted finish. Using paints that do not meet AZEK’s guidelines may cause the product to overheat, leading to undesirable product defects such as warping, oil canning, or buckling.

AZEK Trimboard Trim
AZEK Trimboard Trim


Easily find the right color and paint product for your next AZEK project by checking out our recommended color lists shown below. Each list showcases a diverse selection of colors available by paint store that meet AZEK guidelines to help you achieve a painted finish that endures beautifully.

REMEMBER: Custom colors should only be used if they are made from a specialty paint with solar reflective pigments.

Paint Type Guidelines

If you’re still not finding the color you want or need additional information on what paint types can be used with our products, please look at the chart below.

Color Range Key Colors Selection Criteria Paint Type
Lighter paint colors only Must have a light reflective value (LRV) of above 55 Exterior 100% Acrylic Latex
Light, medium and some darker colors Only use colors that are from a paint manufacture's approved color list for vinyl siding. No custom colors. Exterior 100% Acrylic Latex made for Vinyl Siding
All colors including dark and custom colors Not available at most retail locations.
Available online at:
Water-Based Solar Reflective Coatings
REMEMBER: Always make sure your paint is 100% water-based (acrylic) and suitable for exterior application.


The LRV number represents the percentage of light reflected by a color. The higher the LRV number, the more light is reflected. The lower the LRV number, the more light is absorbed. To help understand the scale, true white has a LRV rating of 100 and true black has LRV rating of 0. You can see this on the chart below.

Exterior trim and siding are constantly exposed to sunlight. When not reflected, light is absorbed as energy and converted to heat. Excessive heat can cause trim and siding to expand and contract. This results in bowing, buckling, or deforming of the product.

To avoid this, AZEK recommends determining the LRV of your desired color before usage and make sure it follows AZEK’s paint color selection guidelines in the chart above or use the AZEK Recommended Color Lists that list specific colors that can be used with AZEK.

Paint Manufactures will often display the LRV on paint swatches and/or on their website. If you cannot find the LRV of a paint you should not use it on AZEK products.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can I only use certain Paints?

The paint color used on exterior building products is directly exposed to the sun. Light that is absorbed by the paint color converts to heat. When too much heat is absorbed, it can alter the actual physical building material in the form of warping, bowing and deformation. The correct selection of paint color will prevent this. The use of a color that does not meet AZEK paint color recommendations can lead to warping, buckling and excess movement. The use of a non-recommended color will.

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Can we use custom paint colors on Azek products?

When a custom color is desired, you must use a specialty type paint that is a Water-Based Solar Reflective Coating. These paint have been formulated with solar/heat reflective pigments that prevent heat build. These coatings are not readily available at paint retail stores but are available online through paint manufacture AquaSurTech® and can be ordered online. This is specific to the AquaSurTech product AQUA/DIY D100.

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What is the Light Reflective Value of a color?

All paint colors have a light reflective value (LRV) which is the measure of light reflected or alternatively absorbed. The LRV number represents the % of light reflected by that paint color. The higher the LRV number, the more light reflected. The lower the LRV number, the more light and heat absorbed. To help understand the scale, true white has a LRV rating of 100 and Black has LRV rating of 0.

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