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Custom Color & Special-Order Paints from PPG®

AZEK has partnered with PPG to create a special-order & custom color match process. When special-ordered, these paints are formulated by PPG with a special solar reflective pigments that reduce heat absorption allowing them to be used on AZEK Products. This paint formulation available via special-order expands the range of colors approved for use on AZEK materials including black, deep blues, dark browns and more.



The colors listed below on this page are only approved for use on AZEK products when special-ordered. If these colors are bought at local paint stores, home centers, big box retailer or any other process, they are not approved for use on AZEK products.


When formulated in PPG’s Acri-Shield Max (exterior latex paint) the colors displayed below on this page have been specifically tested and approved for use on AZEK Products.


Browse selection of colors below that have been approved when made in PPG’s Acri-Shield Max paint product and when special-ordered.


Call PPG Architectural Coatings at (260) 373-2373 or email and reference AZEK color for quote and lead time.


Through collaboration with PPG, custom colors can be formulated utilizing PPG’s Acri-Shield with usage of special solar reflective coatings.


The custom color process can start by matching an existing paint manufacturer's color, or by mailing a physical color swatch to PPG to match against. Through this process, the desired color will be formulated with solar reflective pigments and tested on AZEK product. Once approved, the paint will be shipped directly to you.


Call PPG Architectural Coatings at (260) 373-2373 or email and reference "AZEK color for quote and lead time" and provide the details listed above.

Paint Order Type
Approved Colors via Special-Order
Custom Color Match
Lead Time
2-3 Weeks
6-8 Weeks

If you want to use a color not shown below you must ensure it has an LRV of 55 and above, and it must be produced in an exterior 100% acrylic latex paint. If the color is not on this page and has a LRV below 55 or you do not know the LRV it should not be used on AZEK products.

Recommended Color Lists

The below links showcase recommended colors per paint manufacturer to help you find the right color for your next project.

Custom Colors should only be used if they are made from a specialty paint with solar reflective pigments.

Color Disclaimer: Colors may not be exactly as shown. This is due to the variance in digital presentation and individual monitor calibration. Please base your color selections on actual paint color samples or color swatches provided by manufacturers before making your final decision.

If you still have questions about what paints should be used on AZEK Trim and Siding products, please contact us at

White N/A LRV: 77.96
Arctic White JH10-20 LRV: 74.81
Cobblestone JH40-10 LRV: 54.38
Argos 7065 LRV: 53.86
Ashen 1023-3 LRV: 53.39
Light Mist JH70-10 LRV: 47.9
Gray Stone 1009-4 LRV: 47.85
Loggia 7506 LRV: 47.55
Cape Cod Gray N/A LRV: 47.35
Distant Valley 11-19 LRV: 46.61
Gray Marble 1002-4 LRV: 46.16
Rock Cliffs 1101-4 LRV: 43.23
Cape Cod Gray N/A LRV: 41.62
Photo Gray 1029-4 LRV: 40.92
Aldabra 14-28 LRV: 36.62
Linden Green N/A LRV: 35.6
ABC Green N/A LRV: 35.43
Monterey Taupe JH40-20 LRV: 33.6
Night Train N/A LRV: 30.83
Rapid Rock 15-19 LRV: 30.05
Cook's Blue N/A LRV: 28.81
Phoenix Fossil 1009-5 LRV: 28.48
Tavern Taupe 7508 LRV: 27.75
Lenape Trail N/A LRV: 25.83
Garrison Gray 1039-5 LRV: 23.21
Patches 1024-6 LRV: 21.48
Boothbay Blue JH70-20 LRV: 21.22
Cool Charcoal 1007-6 LRV: 20.58
Aged Pewter N/A LRV: 19.3
Clam Shell 1023-6 LRV: 18.32
Rocky River 6215 LRV: 17.46
Distance 6243 LRV: 16.54
In the Shadows 1039-6 LRV: 15.9
Salted Pretzel 1077-6 LRV: 15.76
All About Olive 1126-7 LRV: 14.78
Night Gray N/A LRV: 14.56
Evening Blue JH70-30 LRV: 13.41
Glazed Granite 1011-6 LRV: 12.24
Mostly Metal 1036-7 LRV: 11.81
Bark 1007-7 LRV: 10.87
Sweet Spiceberry 1059-7 LRV: 9.97
Cavalry 1041-7 LRV: 8.6
Lumbermen's Red N/A LRV: 8.56
Deep Ocean N/A LRV: 8.45
22-574H N/A LRV: 8.29
Iron Ore 7069 LRV: 8.25
Naval 6244 LRV: 7.6
Midnight Blue N/A LRV: 7.53
In the Navy 9178 LRV: 6.42
PVC Black 54553D12 LRV: 4.85

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can I only use certain Paints?

The paint color used on exterior building products is directly exposed to the sun. Light that is absorbed by the paint color converts to heat. When too much heat is absorbed, it can alter the actual physical building material in the form of warping, bowing and deformation. The correct selection of paint color will prevent this. The use of a color that does not meet AZEK paint color recommendations can lead to warping, buckling and excess movement. The use of a non-recommended color will.

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What is the Light Reflective Value of a color?

All paint colors have a light reflective value (LRV) which is the measure of light reflected or alternatively absorbed. The LRV number represents the % of light reflected by that paint color. The higher the LRV number, the more light reflected. The lower the LRV number, the more light and heat absorbed. To help understand the scale, true white has a LRV rating of 100 and Black has LRV rating of 0.

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