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AZEK Cladding

TimberTech AZEK® Cladding

TimberTech AZEK Cladding

Consider the beauty of TimberTech AZEK Vintage Collection® decking for use as a cladding rain screen for the ultimate curb appeal. The combination of premium natural hardwood aesthetics, and the durability of advanced polymer technology, backed by industry-leading warranties, will add brilliance to any home.

Features and Benefits

  • Premium, low-maintenance alternative to traditional and exotic wood
  • CCRR-0266 available for Vintage, Harvest & Arbor Collections
  • No painting or sealing needed for protection
  • Resistant to mold, mildew and moisture damage
  • Stain, scratch & insect resistant
  • Will not split, splinter, rot, or crack
  • Can be installed with Cortex® to nearly eliminate the appearance of fasteners
  • Made in the USA

Best Practices

  • Must be installed over a weather-resistant wall
  • Paint the furring strips a dark color to minimize their view
  • Fasten 16” on center over 2x4 pressure treated furring strips with approved fastener options
  • Install butt joints tight

AZEK Alloy Armour Technology®

This proprietary alloy blend provides outstanding UV and weather protection. It also is the reason our decks are resistant to moisture damage. Plus, Alloy Armour Technology (AAT) features improved colorfastness, a big consideration for rooftop decks enduring daily sun exposure. Rigorously tested, AAT means AZEK can confidently provide an industry-best, 50-year Fade and Stain Warranty.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can TimberTech Pro or TimberTech Edge be used as cladding?

TimberTech Pro and TimberTech Edge are not supported by our testing or CCRR at this time.

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Can hidden clips be used as fasteners?

Hidden clips are not a part of our code compliance research report for TimberTech AZEK Deck as cladding. If a hidden fastener is desired the 2.5” Cortex® can be used, along with the 2.0” Cortex® for installations over block construction.

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Can TimberTech AZEK Deck be used in commercial Decking as Cladding applications?

Commercial applications are not supported by our testing today. CCRR-0266 is limited to the exterior use on buildings of combustible nonfire-resistance-rated construction: IBC and FBC-B Type V-B construction and all construction types permitted under the IRC and FBC-R. Also known as “ordinary” residential construction.

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What is the recommendation for the weather-resistant barrier / waterproofing?

Each application is entirely different. The substructure must be built to be weather proof and we are decorative cladding that is not designed to keep moisture out. It is up to the architect, engineer, installer, and local code official to ensure the structure is weather-tight and meets code.

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Does the installation require 2x4 pressure treated furring strips?

Yes, our code compliance research report requires a minimum 2x4 PT furring strips. Our experience with smaller or thinner furring strips is they split and lose their holding power.

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