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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Can I install AZEK® products myself or do I need to hire a contractor?



  • Do I need to paint AZEK Trim?

  • Can AZEK Trim be used in interior applications?

  • Does AZEK Trim come in colors?

  • What can I use to clean AZEK Trim?

  • What type of fasteners should be used to install AZEK Trim?

  • Can AZEK® Trim be used in structural application?

  • What can I use to fill nail holes in AZEK Trim?

  • What type of caulk can I use with AZEK Trim?

  • What paint can I use on AZEK Trim?

  • What paint can I use on PaintPro® Trim?


  • What types of fasteners can I use with AZEK Moulding?

  • Can AZEK® Moulding yellow over time?

  • Can I heat form AZEK Moulding?

  • How do I clean my AZEK Moulding?

Adhesives & Tools

  • What is the shelf life of AZEK Fast Cure and Slow Cure adhesives?

  • What are the two components of Fast Cure and Slow Cure? How do they compare to other adhesives?

  • Can the Fast Cure or Slow Cure AZEK Adhesive be applied in colder weather?


  • Can TimberTech Cladding be used in commercial exterior wall applications?

  • Can hidden clips be used as fasteners?

  • What is the recommendation for the weather-resistant barrier / waterproofing?

  • Does the installation require 2x4 pressure treated furring strips?

  • Which TimberTech products can be used as cladding?