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AZEK Trim Products


The most reliable, durable and workable trim.
In any color.

PaintPro Trim is a revolutionary development in cellular PVC trim from AZEK Building Products. PaintPro has the same high-performance and low-maintenance benefits of traditional AZEK trim, but can be painted any color because it’s engineered for paint. No primer needed. Get work finished faster thanks to quicker drying time. PaintPro can be handled 30 minutes after painting. Like traditional AZEK trim, PaintPro is virtually impervious to moisture and adds the benefit of a superior paint bond that enhances long-term performance. PaintPro won't rot, crack, warp or chip and the PVC substrate is backed by the AZEK Lifetime Limited Warranty.

PaintPro Highlights

  • No primer needed
  • Lightweight, durable PVC trim boards are easy to transport and install
  • Curves and molds easily through heat forming
  • Two-sided, reversible finish: smooth Traditional and woodgrain Frontier
  • More premium paint options from the most recognized brand in trim
  • Patent pending exclusive technology

Paint Requirements

  • For lighter colors with a Light Reflective Value (LRV) 55 or greater: paint must be 100% acrylic latex
  • For darker colors with an LRV less than 55: paint must be vinyl-safe from a vinyl-safe color palette
  • Must be painted within 180 days of outdoor UV exposure
  • For custom colors, use a coating with solar reflective pigments
  • For detailed painting, installation, and warranty information please visit

Two-Sided, Reversible Finish

For premium finish with an extra 15-year paint and labor warranty, use AquaSurTech D100 paint or TruStain products.

AquaSurTech gives premium finishing options to PaintPro trim. Brush or spray any color paint to form a powerful molecular bond with the trim substrate. Once it cures, AquaSurTech has layers of built-in protection. Minimal heat build (even in dark colors) and a flexible finish coating protect AquaSurTech paint from cracking, flaking or peeling. The AZEK Limited Lifetime Warranty protects the trim substrate while AquaSurTech’s 15-year warranty protects the paint and associated labor. Use D100 for solid colors or choose TruStain products for a woodgrain finish.

  • A premium finish paint in any color, including custom colors
  • Finish AZEK Trimboards, Soffits, Mouldings, Beadboard and more
  • Reflective coating heavily reduces heat buildup in all colors, including black
  • Robust yet flexible paint bond withstands expansion, contraction and impact
  • Exceptionally low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) levels
  • Environmentally-friendly coating with a superior paint bond than high solvent coating

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Premium Fastener Option

When using PaintPro Trim, choose Collated PaintPro Cortex® plugs and paint to match trim color. Learn More

Adhesives and Tools

Use AZEK adhesives, sealants and accessories for fast, easy installation and enduring strength. Learn More

4/4 Trimboard
Nominal Actual Lengths
4/4 x 4 ¾” x 3½” x 16’ 16'
4/4 x 6 ¾” x 5½” x 16’ 16’
4/4 x 8 ¾” x 7¼” x 16’ 16’
4/4 x 10 ¾” x 9¼” x 16’ 16’
4/4 x 12 ¾” x 11¼” x 16’ 16’
5/4 Trimboard
Nominal Actual Lengths
5/4 x 4 1” x 3½” x 16’ 16'
5/4 x 6 1” x 5½” x 16’ 16'
5/4 x 8 1” x 7¼” x 16’ 16'
5/4 x 10 1” x 9¼” x 16’ 16'
5/4 x 12 1” x 11¼” x 16’ 16'