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PaintPro® PVC Trim Engineered For Paint.

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We’re breaking the mould with PVC trim that was born for paint.
From the #1 brand in trim, AZEK® PVC Trim with PaintPro® Technology offers a superior substrate for painting trim. Our Classic AZEK Trim still satisfies homeowners who prefer brilliant white while PaintPro is the perfect solution when painting trim is a part of the project scope. Remove the hassle of prep work and get right to painting. Even the painting process is more efficient with a trim substrate that is engineered to improve paint adhesion and coverage. Once painted and installed, you can feel confident in your work with a long-lasting, low-maintenance painted finish.
Made from engineered cellular PVC and developed for enhanced paintability, PaintPro provides a more durable finish than wood. PaintPro can also mimic the look of wood for those seeking a rustic look. Available with two-sided, reversible finish, you can choose an authentic woodgrain finish or the smooth, traditional PVC finish.
Finish Options
PaintPro Highlights
  • No prep, sanding, or priming needed
  • Faster dry times
  • Stronger bond with paint prevents splits, chips, or flakes
  • Engineered for enhanced, long-lasting color
  • Will not rot, split, splinter, delaminate, warp, or swell
  • Impervious to moisture and fungal decay as well as insect-resistant
  • Suitable for ground and masonry contact
  • AZEK PVC Trim with PaintPro Technology can be easily milled, routed, or moulded
  • Flexible, durable, and lightweight material provides easier install
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty 


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Expect 1-2 weeks for delivery.