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Jun 24, 2019

Trim That Paints Faster & Lasts Longer

AZEK® Trim with PaintPro® Technology can be handled within 30 minutes of applying a coat of paint. There’s hardly any time to watch the paint dry (and who really wants to do that anyway?) before it’s all set. So how does paint dry faster on PaintPro than it does on other trim and what does that mean for your next exterior installation? Let’s take a look.

PaintPro Trim Energy Dyne Bond Paint Painting Adhesion

What Makes Dry Time Fly By?

In a word: energy. PaintPro energetically joins with paint because every one of its boards is engineered that way. Scientifically speaking, the more energy a trim surface has, the better it bonds with paint. PaintPro has a high surface energy, which is measured by dyne level. The average PVC trim product has a dyne level around 30; PaintPro has a dyne level of 50. PaintPro’s energized surface simply bonds better with paint than other PVC products do. This leads to enhanced paint adhesion and shorter dry times so you spend less time and money painting on the job site. 


Much Less Wait on Paint 30 Minutes Dry Time PaintPro Trim

PaintPro’s higher dyne level means paint won’t bead up like it would on most other PVC trim. This, in turn, means that paint adheres better to the substrate, providing solid, clean coverage with every brushstroke. The enhanced bond also accelerates the paint’s dry time. PaintPro can typically be handled within 30 minutes of painting, making it a terrific time-saver on the job site. Less time, less money spent.

The Total Package: Color, Long-Term Performance, Easy Installation

PaintPro can be painted any color to satisfy almost every homeowner. It’s also impervious to moisture and requires practically no maintenance to make homeowners even happier through long-term performance. It all adds up to more bang for the buck for your customers and for your business. While you’re making homeowners happier, you’re also spending less on paint while saving time and labor costs. 

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