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Aug 08, 2019

The Down & Dirty of AZEK Protective Film


This is AZEK® Protective Film. Developed to aid the contractor by keeping trim clean and protected before, during and after installation. It keeps dirt and scuffs off our trim surface throughout the job. Once you're ready, just peel away the film to reveal a clean, pristine trim finish. 

Included at no extra cost on select Classic AZEK Trim with Traditional finish*, AZEK Protective Film also ensures your product is truly AZEK, guaranteeing all the benefits and Lifetime Limited Warranty that go with our trim. The film stays intact and easy to peel, even after fastening. Use our PVC Trim Nail Eraser after nailing to give AZEK Trim a quick finishing touch. Apply before peeling for faster, easier touch-ups.

Like so:

Contractors have told us how helpful AZEK Protective Film has been, so we decided to put it on our trim with Frontier finish as well. You can expect select SKUs of Classic AZEK Trim in both finishes to ship with AZEK Protective Film by late 2019**.  

This extra protection helps our trim stay as pristine on the jobsite as when it rolled off the production line. You can remove the film or leave it on for protection after installing fasteners. Whenever the film peel and reveal happens, the sparkling white trim beneath is a show-stopper.


*AZEK Protective Film included on trim boards in nominal thickness of 5/8, 4/4, 5/4.

**AZEK Protective Film will be included on trim boards with Frontier finish in nominal thickness of 5/8, 4/4, 5/4 (release date subject to change). 

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