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Oct 04, 2019

The Best Trim Substrate for Paint

AZEK’s PaintPro® Technology is cutting edge innovation that brings enhanced paintability to PVC building products. How does that help with your next job? Enhanced paintability means time and money savings from start to finish, all while providing the benefits of a moisture-proof PVC substrate that stands up to almost any climate for a long time. If your next job needs painted exterior trim, use AZEK® Trim with PaintPro® Technology.

Savings from The Start PaintPro GIF

As Better Homes & Gardens puts it, “Painting is easier than preparation—and more rewarding.” What’s even more rewarding is skipping the prep steps. PaintPro Technology makes paint prep virtually non-existent. From the second it’s on site, PaintPro Trim is ready to paint. No sanding or priming is needed, so you’ve already saved time and money by taking steps out of the job. Don’t bother pre-treating PaintPro Trim to resist mold or mildew either. Since there’s almost no moisture absorption, there’s no moisture damage. You can even paint before installation to save yourself some more steps.


Savings on The Job

Enhanced paintability also means paint dries faster and lasts longer, thanks to the increased trim surface energy. With one of the fastest dry times in the industry (30 minutes, depending on climate conditions), you can wrap up trim installations faster to save labor costs. Fasteners won’t wreck the painted finish on PaintPro, so go ahead and paint before installation. You can always install and then paint, but isn’t it nice to spend less time on ladders painting hard-to-reach spots?

Savings after Installation

Your customers will be thrilled by the long-lasting painted finish that needs almost no maintenance, just like the trim itself. PaintPro's superior adhesion creates long-lasting paint performance; there's no need to repaint it every few years. AZEK's premium PVC trim substrate also will not expand and contract from moisture because it’s non-porous. This has the dual benefit of protecting the trim from wood defects like warping while adding more protection for the paint against cracks, splits, chips or peeling. Bottom line: you’ll get fewer callbacks and more satisfied customers thanks to this level of long-term performance.

Download our Painting PVC Made Easy guide and visit to learn more.

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