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Oct 18, 2019

Exterior Home Design


Exterior home design plays an important role in the value of property. An upgraded exterior can go a long way towards enhancing curb appeal.  Quality building materials can also make a big difference in curb appeal. The longer the exterior looks nice, the better the curb appeal. Read on for more about exterior home design.

Durability Is Not in The Eye of The Beholder

Even the most beautiful home exterior can quickly lose its luster thanks to normal wear and tear from weather. How long the outside of a house holds up to the elements will heavily factor into curb appeal and home value. Some climates are harsher than others and some materials hold up better against weather, no matter the climate. Since the outside of a house is constantly exposed to the elements, it makes sense to use building products protected against mold and moisture.

Functional Can Still Be Beautiful

While durability is important in building products, looks are just as important for enhancing curb appeal. Fortunately, there are plenty of opportunities through moulding to add decorative detail to windows, exterior ceilings and more while still being practical for functions like water management. Channeling water away from a building structure requires more than just gutters; moulding helps shed moisture from home exteriors. Exterior moisture management is just as critical around windows, which are another terrific spot to add a bit of style to exterior home design while protecting the interior.

Be Practical Through Flexible Applications

Products that are quick and easy to install should be welcome to both contractors and homeowners. Time and labor costs affect all parties. Diverse building products with flexible applications make practical sense for any construction or renovation. Building products such as sheets and beadboards will cover wide areas needing trim and are easier to install than gluing together individual trim pieces for coverage. Building materials such as cellular PVC that easily adapt to the installation are another helpful tool that creates solutions.

Less Concerns, More Solutions

Take advantage of building materials that give you less to keep track of on the jobsite. Corners could be created with two pieces of trim glued together and then fastened, but cornerboards installed with less fasteners and no adhesives will save time, labor and material costs. Trim with an integrated j-channel means one less part to install. Less parts can create more seamless finishes faster while still delivering excellent craftsmanship. Transitions between trim and siding should be seamless and less laborious, both for corners and windows.

Curb Appeal Needs to Last

Lasting curb appeal involves creating an attractive home exterior that stands up to weather. But there’s no reason to sacrifice durability and function for beauty. Or vice versa. With the right building products, exterior home design can complement any exterior for many years to come.

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