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Jul 26, 2019

AZEK Trim with PaintPro Technology: Color Freedom & Elite Durability


Sometimes, a brilliant white trim like Classic AZEK® Trim can be the perfect complement any exterior. But what if homeowners prefer a splash of color? If you’ve been using wood trim, maybe you’re able to offer plenty of color and stain options. But then there’s constant maintenance and the limited lifespan of paint that goes along with wood trim. PVC has always been more durable than wood, but exterior PVC trim traditionally can’t be painted in dark colors because heat absorption can cause bending and warping. But your customers would rather hear what options they can have instead of the ones they can’t. Since we believe exterior trim should be as colorful as it is durable, we came up with something new.

Introducing AZEK® Trim with PaintPro® Technology, a technological marriage of performance and color. You can give your customers the best of both worlds with durable, affordable PVC trim that can be painted any color, including black or even custom colors. PaintPro is impervious to moisture; the trim stays strong without maintenance while paint goes on easily. Design options are as plentiful as color choices. Simply follow our painting requirements to use any paint color on PaintPro Trim. You can also give it a chemically bonded wood grain stain or custom colors through our exclusive partnership with AquaSurTech, which also provides an additional 15-year limited paint and labor warranty to supplement AZEK’s Lifetime Limited Warranty.

We’re really excited about the possibilities of our newest trim. Take a look at PaintPro in action to see for yourself and find out where PaintPro is stocked near you.

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