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Jul 11, 2019

A Better Barrier Against Mold & Moisture


Despite its popular texture and flexible use, wood trim has a very unpopular tendency to mold and rot from exposure to moisture. Exterior wood trim is particularly vulnerable and needs layers of protection against the elements. Contractors may end up spending precious installation time adding these protective layers. Homeowners, in turn, may end up spending a lot of money over time to maintain, repair or replace wood trim. But there's a better exterior alternative for homeowners and contractors.

Window Moisture Damage Mold Rot WoodWhy is Moisture a Wood Trim Wrecker?

Moisture wrecks wood trim because wood is porous. Water gets in easily, causing wood to expand when it’s wet and contract when it dries. This expansion/contraction wears down the trim substrate and makes paint crack and flake. Pre-treating or finishing wood trim with sealants can increase moisture resistance, but these protections eventually break down too. As a result, exterior wood trim requires constant maintenance to slow its deterioration, but these extra costs are still only a temporary measure.

Living on Borrowed Time from the Moment It’s Installed.

Even with constant upkeep, Nature eventually wins against wood trim. No matter how much money in protection and maintenance gets thrown into it, wood trim is still porous. That means warping, discoloration, cracked paint, or (even worse) mold and rot can show up quickly or eventually, depending on climate and frequency of maintenance. Once it starts, rot can spread quickly on wood trim, depending on environmental conditions. It’s a fungus; all it needs is warmth, moisture and more wood trim to devour. Rot can also spread beyond the trim, causing damage to other areas of the house. This can make for some very dissatisfied customers, which is one of the last things a contractor needs. 

Deck PaintPro Trim

What’s the Alternative?

Cellular PVC trim provides the benefits of wood without the maintenance and moisture headaches. It’s a better long-term investment because of minimal maintenance costs and longer service life. It's incredibly moisture-resistant because it's non-porous. No protective layers needed to prevent rot and mold. There's also no expansion and contraction from moisture. Homeowners are thrilled with trim that outlasts wood by many years with virtually no upkeep. They aren’t the only ones who benefit from less costs. Contractors save labor and material costs because no sealants or other materials are required for moisture protection, even after cutting, milling or routing.

Quite simply, cellular PVC products such as Classic AZEK® Trim and AZEK Trim with PaintPro® Technology are better trim options for homeowners and contractors. They have many of wood trim’s best benefits without the worst disadvantages. That’s a lot to like.

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