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Jul 08, 2019

Think PVC Trim Has a Small Range of Paint Colors? Think Again.

Color is a wonderfully expressive tool for personalizing the exterior of a house and homeowners are taking full advantage. There’s been a noticeable shift in exterior color trends through many parts of the country towards bolder and darker colors—on everything from siding to trim to windows and doors. We’re all in for expanding PVC trim’s color palette to help exterior creativity shine and contractor businesses boom. After all, contractors and homeowners need more options, not less.

All about Options

Exterior trends and color preferences vary from person to region. It could be argued that exterior style varies widely from house to house. We want to help contractors create exteriors that reflect whichever style homeowners desire. That’s why we provide options. You bring the ideas and we’ll provide the means.

House Colors Options Exterior Collage

Trim as Colorful (or Brilliantly White) as Desired

There’s no need to limit your colors; we created trim that offers freedom of color choice. You can confidently tell customers, “You can have any color you’d like.” Whether painting trim in dark colors to complement fairer-shaded siding or letting paint brushes go wild with chromatic abandon, AZEK® Trim with PaintPro® Technology can be painted and tailored to individual homeowner tastes. PaintPro trim LOVES paint. It needs paint. Actually, if we’re being technical, it’s engineered to be painted. Help homeowners see how beautiful trim makes a statement about the whole house. Their trim can be the color they’ve always wanted with PaintPro. Simply follow our painting requirements to use any paint color on PaintPro Trim. Customers can also have trim as brilliantly white as they like with Classic AZEK® Trim. Make more homeowners happy with options that include all white or any color.

Bold and Beautiful, but Don't Forget Practical

We want contractors to be as satisfied with our products as homeowners. All AZEK Trim is engineered cellular PVC that won’t rot, mold or crack and provides long-lasting performance with our Lifetime Limited Warranty. Your customers should enjoy the reassurance that comes with their limitless color and design options. But we also make our trim lightweight so it’s easier for contractors to transport and install. You can cut and mill our trim just like you would with wood. You can even use the same woodworking tools. We want you to recommend AZEK Trim not just because it’s a great choice for homeowners but also because it makes sense for your business.

See for yourself why Classic AZEK Trim and AZEK Trim with PaintPro Technology is the ideal choice for any exterior. Order free samples by completing our quick and easy form.

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