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Enhance your sales with a FREE merchandising Kit from AZEK Exteriors. Purchase a minimum of 4 units of any qualifying products between October 1 and December 15, 2023. Then, use the form below to order a 3-sided or 2-sided free-standing display. Choose from over a dozen different panels showcasing products that you already stock or just ordered. Check out the program brochure for your area for full details.


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Select Your Display and Panels*

Click on a display option and then use the drop downs to select your panel inserts.

2-Sided Display

Holds 4 product panels
and 2 brochure panels.

3-Sided Display

Holds 6 product panels
and 3 brochure panels.

Qualified Product Sales*

Click on a product category then click on a specific product to add it to the list on the right. To select multiples of the same item, click on it multiple times.

Click on an item to remove it from the list.

Minimum quantity 4 required

Tongue & Groove


J-Channel Trim Series


Column Wrap - Traditional

Soffit System


Shingle with PaintPro Technology

AZEK Trim with PaintPro Technology

AZEK Prefinished Products

AZEK Alpine Collection

Your Products

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    Please provide an image of the qualified sale invoice. File format accepted are .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif, and .heic.

    If uploading multiple files, use control + click on PC or command + click on Mac when selecting files to select more than one file to upload.

    An invoice is required


    Free AZEK Merchandising Program Promotion Rules

    • Purchase a minimum of 4 units from any of the eligible products listed in the PDF from October 1, 2023 through December 15, 2023.
    • To submit an order for AZEK Merchandising Program items, dealer must submit copy of invoice, provide account and shipping information, and select the of desired panels for freestanding display.
    • To qualify to receive a free AZEK Merchandising Program, products ordered must be first time stocking orders for an individual dealer account.
    • Merchandising Programs (displays, lit, shirt & swag box) will ship to dealer locations in early December.
    • Promotion is open to dealer accounts set up in AZEK’s customer system.
    • Promotion only available to dealers in the USA and Canada.
    • Only one Free Merchandising Program per dealer location.